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Top Echelon Investigation

Top Echelon Investigation

Top Echelon Investigation is a private investigation firm servicing corporate and private clients in

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Top Echelon Investigation

Top Echelon Investigation is a private investigation firm servicing corporate and private clients in Louisiana. Based in Opelousas, LA, Top Echelon has a network of professional investigators who work throughout the state and abroad. Our investigators are highly trained, experienced and will handle your case professionally and diligently.

Top Echelon Investigation and its investigators are licensed through the Louisiana State Board of Private Investigator Examiners.

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Top Echelon Investigation, 5.0 out of 5 based on 7 ratings

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  1. Ryan P says:
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    I wanted to retrieve some deleted data on an iPhone 4S. After trying many programs I purchased from the internet that did not work, I decided that I needed to hire a professional. Mr. Stelly, the president of the company, was very informative on the phone and was very clear about what he could and might not be able to do. He contacted his forensics tech who was able to meet me locally to pick up the phone. Mr. Stelly allowed me to contact him after hours, on weeknights and on weekends. He had a very professional report of the job with all the info that they could recover for me on a CD. Some other local PI agencies told me that they had no idea how to do this type of work. I was impressed with his professionalism and pricing according to how much info his tech was able to recover.
    This service was helped me reassure myself that I have done all that I could to find what i wanted. Top Echelon Investigation will always have my recommendation.

  2. A. Willimas says:
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    I am a woman going through a divorce because I learned that my husband was having an affair. After I confronted him, he decided to move out of state without telling anyone where he was going. I contacted Top Echelon Investigation to help me locate my estranged husband, who had changed his phone number, which was my only way that I had to contact him. He was ordered by the court to pay spousal support but failed to make payments. I couldn\’t make up my mind if I wanted to go through with hiring a private investigator or not, but I just wanted to know what my options were. After talking to other PI agencies in the area, I decided to contact TEI. I called Mr Stelly, the owner of TEI, well after business hours. to discuss my situation and to ask for his advice. Mr. Stelly met with me that night and after our discussion, I felt confident that TEI was the agency that I wanted to hire to locate my husband. I asked that the investigation be started the next day if possible but instead of waiting until the next day, Mr. Stelly started the investigation that same night and I had the information my attorney needed within a few days. Finding out where my estranged husband worked and lived, allowed me to get an order to garnish his wages. Hiring Top Echelon Investigation was definitely a great investment.

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