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Background Checks, Process service, Child Custody & Surveillance

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Private Investigators

Loux Investigations – LSI is an agency that is designed with the team concept in mind! We specialize in:


Insurance Related:


Workers Compensation, Liability Investigation, Background Information and Process Serving.


Family Related:


Child Custody, Domestic Violence & Divorce.




Individual and Corporate Fraud




The interest of the agency is to provide an investigative service for the corporate and insurance industry to the family members who are concerned for the interest of their children .


The agency of Loux Investigations – LSI was developed in 1979 in middle Tennessee and quickly spread across the rest of the state of Tennessee in the 1990’s. All investigators are licensed with the state of Tennessee with commerce and insurance. All personnel is trained for the well-being of our clients’ needs.


The team concept provides what our clients need. Assurance, compassion in their situation and results! The team works with both Local and State Law Enforcement in support of missing children, domestic violence, theft of property, along with Infidelity and Child Custody. 


We are involved in the S.A.V.E programs & Domestic Violence Task Force along with Gang Violence Programs.



Provide online background screening solutions for employers, landlords, property managers and personal consumers.

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