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Hover View Investigations

Hover View Investigations

A good detective is hard to find. However, look no further because you found one!!

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Hover View Investigations


You want it.   You need it.   And we can get it for you.
Remember — whoever controls the information controls the situation.

Hover View Investigations, located in the heart of Los Angeles (Hollywood), goes the extra mile to run a background check, do an asset search, locate a missing person, determine insurance fraud, hire a bodyguard, go undercover, get you the crucial truth that can make or break a case, and so much more

In the “intelligence” community, the term “intelligence” is defined as the ability to gather and use information wisely. We satisfy your need to know and keep you informed along the way.

Wide awake
We answer the phone 24/7. We hover over your target anytime and anywhere. And we are relentless . until you get that must-have piece of information.

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    Whenever I have work in the Los Angeles area, I always call Mr. Agaki with Hoverview Investigations. He is professional, ethical and thorough.

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