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Domestic Research Group

Domestic Research Group

In God we trust, all others we investigate!

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Domestic Research Group

Conducting Private Investigations and surveillance in: Tampa, FL; Orlando, FL; Jacksonville, FL, Miami, FL and the surrounding areas.


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At Domestic Research Group, LLC., our principles are based on honesty, accuracy and integrity. We strive to supply our clients with the most dependable information and evidence possible, in a timely manner,  no matter what the case. Private Investigator Tampa, FL; Private Investigator Jacksonville FL, Private Investigator Orlando FL, Private Investigator Miami FL.
Unlike many companies,  our experienced investigators, whose backgrounds are comprised 25+ years of previous military and civilian law enforcement experience as well as the insurance, and safety and security industries, our investigators are fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology, such as video and still camera equipment, laptop  computers, covert cameras, tape recording devices, cellular telephones and specially equipped surveillance vehicles.  Our investigators are loyal as we are not a “PI Mill” like most of the large agencies, instead, we invest in our investigators and we only keep the best which is why, we are the best! Not to mention we pay them  a lot more for their services too. On average, our investigators are paid 40% more than the competitors are paying their investigators. And we will still beat the price they give you! Give us a call if you have any questions concerning:
  • Workers’ Compensation and Insurance Fraud
  • Domestic Infidelity and Child Support Investigations (cheating spouse Miami, FL; cheating spouse Orlando, FL; cheating spouse Tampa, FL; cheating spouse Miami, FL)
  •  Private Investigator Tampa, FL; Private Investigator Orlando, FL; Private Investigator Jacksonville, FL; Private Investigator Miami, FL
  • Surveillance and Counter-Surveillance
  • Process Server
  • Employee Theft and Loss Prevention
  • Recorded Statements
  • Interviews and Inquiries
  • Training
  • Anti-Terrorism
  • Threat Awareness
  • and much more!

We have flexible payment options with plans that fit all budgets!

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