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American Detectives

American Detectives

California Private Investigator

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American Detectives

Los Angeles based private investigator, offers surviellance, cheating spouses, child abduction, child custody, child recovery (both National and International), locate missing persons, over 25 years experience. A+ Rated with the Better Business Bureau

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    this two persons stalked me for almost 11 years, conducting illigalactivities, thismone of your employee whuich is not an immigrant nor a citizen, they are only sponsored, of their relatives to work here legally but they are obstructing the justice , they are handling Marshall & co. which is no proof nor probable nor magistate by the court, , I need your assitance and actions on this matter otherwise, i’ll take a legal actions. I’ want them fired and deported. and be block listed to come again to america,they are already reported at Daly City police Dept.as my international stalkers.in any questions please dont hesitate to contact me @ 415-672-7234

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